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The process of designing and delivering each pair of shoes for our clients is based upon a series of consultations with Silvia. The consultations required vary with each client but broadly they follow the steps outlined below. A first pair of bespoke shoes including the production of a pair of bespoke lasts is priced from £3,000, and typically takes 6 -12 months to complete.

The initial consultation is usually performed with a 15-30minute conversation over the phone with Silvia to talk about your requirements and desires. At the end of this call, you will agree with Silvia whether you wish to proceed to a face to face meeting.

On some occasions, the conclusion reached is that Silvia’s assistance may be required in the form of a private client advice service rather than proceeding with bespoke shoe making at this stage.

If, however, you agree with you to proceed with bespoke shoes, the next stage will be a visit to Silvia’s studio in beautiful village of Yattendon, Berkshire to progress the discussions further. You will have opportunity to look through different types of leathers in a vast range of colour options. At this stage Silvia will take your feet measurements and you will discuss the style of the shoes you would like, including toe shape and heel height. This face-to-face consultation will allow Silvia to present a proposal for your consideration which will be emailed to you with 7 days of your visit.

After the proposal has been sent to you, this will allow you to reflect and consider your options and decide if Silvia is the right person to work with. It is crucial to remember that it is a very intense process which will require regular interaction during the fitting process.

If you decide to go ahead there will be 50% deposit required to pay to progress. Once the deposit is received, the production of your lasts will begin. It takes around 1-2 months for the lasts to be made, at which point Silvia will start making a series of mock ups or trial shoes, usually around 6 pairs for you to try on and test. Only after the fit has been confirmed will the final shoe production proceed.

Once your first pair of shoes is completed and you are satisfied, we offer a different price structure for future orders. This will be discussed with you through the process if you wish to know. Our pricing policy is geared towards clients wishing to transform their shoe collection from mere accessories to fully styled couture footwear.

Silvia’s focus is on making fashionable shoes and she is an expert on high heel court/pump couture shoes, although she also makes shoes on lower heels. Our goal is to avoid the footwear disasters that are often presented in reviews of celebrities such as where shoes are worn with: big gaps at the back their toes are squashed pushing them out through the front clearly visible arch showing the inside of the shoe. These issue never occur with Silvia’s shoes. Well fitted shoes make a huge difference to how you feel and allow you to walk with confidence.

Silvia is a couture shoe designer/maker making made to order shoes for private clients for the past 15 years. Every pair is hand-made by Silvia at her studio in the UK.