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Silvia Campbell’s Bespoke Shoes are not simply an item of footwear; they are an icon of elegance, passion and class. Thanks to years of dedicated experience from our visionary namesake, Silvia, let us assure you that not only will our Silvia Campbell Bespoke Shoes be exactly what you need, but they will also be everything you want.

The process of designing and delivering each pair of shoes for our clients is based upon a series of consultations with Silvia. The consultations required to vary with each client but broadly they follow the steps outlined below. A first pair of bespoke shoes including the production of a pair of bespoke lasts is priced from £3,000, and typically takes 6 -12 months to complete.

The initial consultation is usually performed with a 15-30minute conversation over the phone with Silvia to talk about your requirements and desires. At the end of this call, you will agree with Silvia whether you wish to proceed to a face to face meeting.