Private Clients

It is a common mistake that stylists treat the selection of footwear in the same manner as accessories. We advocate that shoes are treated as being more than mere accessories; they are necessities which can profoundly impact how you feel, not just how you look. Shoes are a complex product and far more specialist knowledge is needed beyond an assessment of their style.

We have all seen shoe disasters presented by the media. To help our clients avoid such issues, Silvia offers individual footwear services, providing professional advice and guidance. Silvia’s focus is on providing insights to make the right purchase decisions based on the particular circumstances of the client. How to avoid situations where outfits are compromised by poor footwear decisions, by gaining a deeper understanding of which footwear options are best suited to the individual.

The client becomes their own expert, very often presenting far more knowledge than the sales assistance trying to sell their product. As a better informed purchaser, our clients learn to make selections based on their own best interests.

Silvia does not work with any specific footwear brands or stores. This independence enables her to provide personalized professional advice. Silvia accepts no commissions from brands or stores associated with the advice provided.

Group & Commercial

Silvia is also available to address groups and other commercial audiences as a footwear professional, and has engaged in the following events:

  • talking to university students or reviewing their final portfolios
  • ecology and the use of exotic leathers
  • footwear design and sample production
  • style buying guides

Silvia charges a daily rate starting at £750 per day plus expenses for any footwear services.